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Grimspawn (daemon-spawn)

By class level
Any land
Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 19

Grimspawn, also called daemon-spawn, are cambions descended from daemons.1 Grimspawn tend to find themselves unnaturally fascinated by sickness, decay, and death in all its many forms. Therefore, grimspawn can usually be found at the sights of epidemics, natural disasters, and war zones, such as the flooded depths of the Sodden Lands; near the perpetual war zone at border of Nirmathas and Molthune; and bordering the festering Worldwound. Grimspawn tend to appear unnaturally thin, their skin sallow and their eyes often a dead, milky white. They also often bear what appear to be large festering wounds, although these injuries are only cosmetic. As a result of their general appearance, they are sometimes mistaken for undead creatures.2


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