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Titles Of the Broken Dream
Home Cliffgrip, Shadow Plane
Alignment Lawful evil
Areas of Concern Illusion of freedom
Cleric Alignments
Domains Destruction, Evil, Law, Liberation
Subdomains Freedom, Revolution, Slavery, Torture
Favored Weapon Whip
Symbol Bloody, broken chain

Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 79

Vevelor is a kyton demagogue who did not begin life as a kyton but voluntarily became one after being shown the path to perfection, and seeks to guide others to the same exaltation, without caring whether they desire it or not. He resembles a beautiful, terrible, winged creature made of semi-shadows.[1][2][3]


Vevelor began life as a mortal before he rose in power to become a kyton demagogue, when the kytons still lived in Hell. After Geryon devoured 812 tyrants of Hell during Asmodeus' conquest, Vevelor accompanied Aroggus in the exile of the kytons to the Shadow Plane.[3][4]


Vevelor's realm is Cliffgrip, at the edge of Deeping Darkness, the chasm where Zon-Kuthon emerged from his imprisonment after Earthfall. It rings with screams of pain and Vevelor's assurances of impending exaltation.[3]

On Golarion

Vevelor's attention on Golarion is focused on Nidal, and a significant cult exists in the Hall to the Broken Dream near Ridwan. Nidal's ruling Kuthites consider Vevelor's dogma of freedom and self-determination blasphemous to Zon-Kuthon's teachings of joy in servitude, and tolerate, but do not condone the cult, which in turn keeps a low profile.[3]