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The Abbey Maker
Areas of Concern
Possibility, revenge, sanctuary
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Evil, Law, Protection, Trickery
Subdomains (1E)
Deception, Defense, Fear, Tyranny
Favored Weapon
Serpent eye within a keyhole
Source: The City Outside of Time, pg(s). 75
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Aroggus is the velstrac demagogue of possibility, revenge, and sanctuary.1


A supplicant prostrates before the velstrac demagogue Aroggus.

Aroggus is the oldest and greatest velstrac demagogue, and originated in Hell, before Asmodeus and the devils came there. Following Geryon's devouring of 812 former tyrants of Hell, the velstracs were bound in chains until freed by Doloras. Aroggus led the velstracs in their exodus out of Hell into the darkness of the Shadow Plane, near the numerous prey of the Material Plane, where deep shadows are abundant for the velstracs to craft into sanctuaries and fortifications. There he raised the Abbey of Nevers, where the velstracs could hide forever if necessary. Since then, Aroggus and his followers have resided in the Abbey, indulging in delusions of retribution and perfecting the one true revenge.123


After he established the Abbey of Nevers, Aroggus shed his physical body, leaving nothing but smoke and shadow; his essence has essentially merged with the Abbey of Nevers. Whenever he needs to leave his realm, he inhabits a massive black suit of armour and wields the warhammer that he carried out of Hell.43


Aroggus spends his time devising and simulating the perfect way to take revenge against Geryon and the devils that displaced his people out of Hell.3


Aroggus is worshipped by those consumed by revenge. Cults of Aroggus never last, as they bicker constantly and can go to bloodshed over perceived insults.3


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