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Titles The Voice in Screams
Home Plane of Shadow
Alignment Lawful evil
Cleric Alignments

Sugroz is a kyton demagogue, one of the powerful overlords of the kyton race that reside on the Plane of Shadow.[1] He oversees a multi-planet-based research operation dedicated to the creation of new types of kytons from living mortals, as opposed to the souls of the dead. This is done through traditional kyton soul-warping techniques combined with advanced technologies. One branch of this operation is based in the Chapel of Rent Flesh in the Sellen Hills of Numeria.[2]


The demagogue has been interested in Golarion for quite some time. In 4051 AR,[3] he was drawn to the Hold of Belkzen by the tormented screams of dying Ustalavic officers who had been impaled on a thorn tree by the forces of the warlord Kazavon. Entranced by their suffering, he transformed the tree into a magical portal known as an irminsul, linking it forever to an unknown demiplane of suffering. The site is now known as the Battle of Screaming Tree and is even avoided by the fearless orcs who prowl those plains.[4]