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Followers of Calistria sometimes have wasp familiars.

Temperate forests
Vespine; waspish
Source: Dirty Tactics Toolbox, pg(s). 17
Wasp swarm

Wasps are aggressive flying insects with a painful sting. They range in size from a fraction of an inch to several inches. Individual wasps are generally not dangerous to the average humanoid, but when they mass in huge wasp swarms of several thousand, they can become a serious hazard.2



The wasp is the sacred animal of Calistria: the goddess of lust, revenge, and trickery. Calistria's herald, the Menotherian, resembles a gigantic wasp with prehensile hands at the end of its forelegs.3 Sometimes followers of Calistria acquire a wasp as a familiar.4

Giant wasps

Giant wasp

Giant wasps are horse-sized varieties of their smaller cousins.2


Giant wasps appear much the same as normal wasps just vastly larger in size. They normally stand around ten feet tall and their stingers are as large as a short sword.2

Habitat and ecology

Like their smaller, mundane cousins, giant wasps form nests focused around a single queen. These nests are physically larger, but much smaller in scale, than a traditional wasps' nest, with each giant wasps' nest boasting about a dozen members. Giant wasps usually make their nests in caves or abandoned homes. The wasps are split into three groups: the queen, who rules the nest; then soldiers; and workers. The workers assist the queen in producing more offspring, while the soldiers go out to hunt for meat. When out hunting, giant wasps are usually solitary; they use their stingers, which carry a potent paralysing poison, to incapacitate their foes. These victims are then dragged back to the nest to be devoured, sometimes while still alive.2

On Golarion

Giants wasps are a well known menace within the harsh reaches of the both the Alavah Peninsula6 and the Meraz Desert in Qadira.7


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