Winter collector

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Winter collector
(Magic item)
Aura Strong conjuration and evocation
Caster Level 20th
Type Major artifact
Slot None
Affiliation Baba Yaga

Source: The Witch Queen's Revenge, pg(s). 68

Winter collectors are artifacts created by Baba Yaga for the purpose of gathering winter energies from multiple planets and planes, and feeding them to a receiver in Whitethrone, the capital of Irrisen, powering that nation's endless winter.[1]

Dozens of winter collectors are known to exist. All of them function exactly the same, but no two look identical, and each one can only be destroyed in a unique fashion. All are protected by creatures, traps, inhospitable conditions, or a combination of all three:

Winter collectors radiate an aura of cold and allow instant, one-way travel to the Royal Palace in Whitethrone, where the receiver is located. Destruction of the winter collectors is likely to weaken the receiver.[1]


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