Wolfberry bush

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Wolfberry bush

Temperate forests
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 217

Wolfberry bushes, similar to their related assassin vines, are carnivorous plants. However, because wolfberry bushes cannot move, they rely on camouflage that mimics less dangerous berry bushes to lure their prey close, then strangles them to feed on the bodies. These bushes can also grow to become huge monstrosities.1

As food

Wolfberry bushes have grown to resemble other berry bushes from the area, though its berries are always sweet with a bitter aftertaste.1

In beverages

Jerikal's Ales in the city of Katapesh serves a wine made of wolfberries with a similarly sweet and bitter flavor.2 Munguk, a hill giant of the Stolen Lands, makes moonshine from blue wolfberries.3


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