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Type Construct
CR 16

Source: Tower of the Drowned Dead, pg(s). 44

Xochatli is an intelligent clockwork creature created by the Azlanti lich Auberon, improved from the design of clockwork nautiloids.[1]


Xochatli resembles a clockwork kraken, covered by rubbery material which was in turn covered by metal plates. Its head and tentacles can expand and contract, allowing it to fit into small areas. It lacks ghost components and cannot be possessed by incorporeal creatures.[1]


Xochatli's creator Auberon bound the soul of a kraken within it, granting it a malicious intelligence and some limited magic. When Earthfall destroyed Azlant, Xochatli lost contact with Auberon, but continued to follow its master's orders of protecting Azlant from incursions. For millennia, it has patrolled the seas around Azlant until Auberon recently recalled it to his side.[1][2][3]


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