Yeth hound

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Yeth hound
Yeth hounds.

(evil, extraplanar)
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 286

Yeth hounds are emaciated creatures resembling canines and originate from the lower planes of the Great Beyond. They occasionally serve evil people or roam singly, in pairs, or in small packs across the darkest parts of Golarion.1

On Golarion

Packs of yeth hounds prowl the southern end of the Anferita Wood in Cheliax.2

As rewards

Yeth hounds are occasionally granted to servants of fiendish entities, particularly beastly demons, in reward for faithful service. The yeth hounds are seen as signs of great favor, but also keep a close eye on the individual or cult, punishing anyone who displeases their demonic patron.13 Yeth hounds can also be summoned to serve both divine and arcane spellcasters via the planar ally and planar binding family of spells, respectively.4


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