Anferita Wood

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The Anferita Wood is the southwestern-most forest in the nation of Cheliax located just north of the port city of Corentyn.1


A number of yeth hound packs hunt in the southern part of the wood, having found their way there from the Great Beyond. They occasionally terrorize the farms and vineyards north of Corentyn, and their howls can be heard in the city as well, much to the amusement of the local devils.2 Two prides of manticores, loyal servants of the Chelish naval officer Frazura Antelo, also live within the Anferita Wood, roaming through the forest when not serving him directly.3

The Anferita is also the birthplace and home of Tregellus Aranega, the blind Grand Druid of the Green Faith. He frequently leaves the wood to confer with other Great Druids and Archdruids throughout Golarion.4