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Green dragon
(great wyrm)
Source: Dragons Unleashed, pg(s). 60-61

Zedoran is an extremely old green dragon who lives in a well-hidden lair deep within the Northern Fangwood of Lastwall.1


Zedoran laid his claim to the Northern Fangwood over a millennium ago, back when the Whispering Tyrant ruled the entire region. Even though they never had any direct contact with one another, from time to time the orc hordes of the lich-king made alliances with the dragon. When the Shining Crusade defeated the Whispering Tyrant, Zedoran inherited any orc servitors who survived. The orc tribes who remained in the Northern Fangwood provided a slow but steady stream of tribute to the mighty dragon in exchange for his aid in keeping them hidden.


Nestled within his dark lair, the Pit of Zedoran, listening to the occasional snatches of news brought to him from the world, the dragon furthers his own studies and experiments. Zedoran's arcane studies focus upon alchemical distillation where he uses all manner of life as raw material to produce elixirs, and fungi which he sees as a fascinating form of undeath. The criminal underworld outside Fangwood pay handsomely for his elixirs. A colony of fungal creatures born from the cultivation of myceloid spores worships the dragon as its creator-god.1

Relations with others

The great wyrm has been living in the forest for generations, and no dragonslayers have ever been able to track him back to his lair. Even those who have attempted to scout his home from the air have come up empty-handed, leading some to believe that the creature disguises his home with illusion magic. Zedoran generally keeps to himself, and only emerges every few decades to raid settlements in Lastwall, Nirmathas, and Ustalav. When he does so, he is always followed by numerous tribes of the local orcs, who take advantage of the distraction to attack smaller villages.2


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