2920 AR

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Age of Enthronement
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2920 AR in environment

  • Massive earthquakes are felt in the nations of Qadira and Taldor, killing tens of thousands of people.1 Social unrest and instability soon follow in these countries.2
  • Earthquake rocks Casmaron. Coastal settlements in Iobaria along the northwestern Castrovin Sea are all damaged or destroyed by tidal waves.3

2920 AR in politics

  • Priests of Sarenrae in Qadira blame the recent earthquakes on Taldor, claiming the nation had been cavorting with dark god to invoke the disaster. Qadiran Satrap Gheber II requests leave to declare war on Taldor, but is refused by the Padishah Emperor.4 Tensions grow between both nations.
  • In Taldor, some nobles proclaim that the disasters are proof that the Qadirans are in league with Rovagug and are threatening to release him from his prison.5


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