Darakole Sanitarium

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Darakole Sanitarium, set in the River District neighbourhood of Pauper's Palace, takes in those who Vyre's heady delights have mentally destroyed. Those who have dangerously over-indulged in powerful drugs, been exposed to sanity-shattering dark rites, or have broken under crushing mental strains of the City of Masks (and have friends rich enough to keep them from the grasp of Dunrock Prison) may find themselves sequestered here. Though better than the Hellish depths of Dunrock Prison, Darakole Sanitarium is far from gentle on those confined there. The sanitarium is run by a powerful alchemist called Anja Creeve who is also a secret devotee of the god Norgorber in his aspect as Blackfingers, master of poisons. Anja, and her Norgorber-worshipping orderlies, experiment on the patients in their charge, testing strange new drugs and poisons on them.1


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