Adalbert Aspodell

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Adalbert Aspodell
Aliases The Lash
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Aspidochelone, based in the Shackles
Organization Devil's Four
Companion(s) Challys Argent, Otondo, Rira, Seagrave

Source: The Wormwood Mutiny, pg(s). 75

Adalbert Aspodell, also known as Aspodell the Lash,[1] is a notorious pirate captain who now serves under the Pathfinder captain Challys Argent as one of her so-called Devil's Four.[2]


Once a nobleman, Adalbert Aspodell fights not with a pirates' brutality but with the elegant grace of an aristocratic duelist. Swirling through combat, he uses a rapier rather than the more usual cutlass. Despite this, he still inflicts brutal injuries with the elegant weapon, after all, as a member of the Devil's Four, he has a sadistic streak a mile wide.[2]


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