Devil's Four

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Devil's Four

Pirate crew
Enslaved pirates
Source: The Price of Infamy, pg(s). 77

Devil's Four is the name given to the four pirate captains under the control of the Pathfinder captain Challys Argent.1 Using the power of the magical sword Siren Call, Challys placed a geas2 upon four of the most dangerous pirate captains of the Shackles, saving hundreds, if not thousands, from their piratical depredations.3

The Devil's Four are:

  • Adalbert Aspodell, also known as "Aspodell the Lash", a former aristocrat who fights with a duellist's elegance while inflicting sadistic injuries with his signature rapier.4
  • Otondo, the bloodthirsty, cannibal ogre captain. Otondo is the size of three men and he wields a specially forged cutlass to cut down swathes of his enemies.5
  • Rira, a pirate queen whose face is hidden by a terrifying, ancient mask fashioned in the likeness of a sedacthy.6 She is an accomplished arcanist and she uses her spells to lethal effect.5
  • Seagrave, a filthy pirate captain whose knowledge of the Shackles is near encyclopedic and was renowned for his utter ruthlessness.5