Aspidochelone (ship)

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In action around the Shackles
Source: The Wormwood Mutiny, pg(s). 74–79

The Aspidochelone is a ship belonging to the Pathfinder Challys Argent that operates in and around the Shackles region.1


Captain Challys Argent has at her command the so-called "Devil's Four", a group of four infamous pirate captains whom she has captured and controlled using her magic sword Siren's Call. The Devil's Four include the aristocratic Adalbert Aspodell, the cannibal ogre Otondo, the notoriously violent Captain Seagrave, and the mask-wearing, former pirate queen Rira. Other crew of the Aspidochelone include a pair of healers: Jeffret and Cold Bendani.1


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