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Race/Species Ogre
Gender Male
Homeland Aspidochelone, based in the Shackles
Organization Devil's Four
Companion(s) Challys Argent, Adalbert Aspodell, Rira, Seagrave

Source: The Wormwood Mutiny, pg(s). 75

Otondo is a notorious pirate captain who now serves under the Pathfinder captain Challys Argent as one of her so-called Devil's Four. Otondo is not only a bloodthirsty ogre but is also known for frequently engaging in cannibalism.[1]


Even for an ogre, Otondo is a hulking mound of flesh, out weighing three people combined. His face is brutal looking with a protruding brow above his small, dead black eyes. The top of his head seems small in comparison to his large jaw and blunt yet lethal teeth. Otondo's body is rippled with muscle, his veins stand out against his skin a grey-green tone. He wears a pair of large, shaggy boots and wields an enormous cutlass forged specifically for him.[1]


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