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Challys Argent

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Challys Argent
Titles Venture-Captain;
Pirate captain
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Aspidochelone
Organization Pathfinder Society
Companion(s) Otondo, Adalbert Aspodell, Seagrave, Rira

Source: The Wormwood Mutiny ("The Treasure of Far Thallai"), pg(s). 74-79

Challys Argent is the pirate captain of the galleon Aspidochelone and a Pathfinder Society venture-captain.[1][2]

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Challys was once a scholar following her family tradition, studying at a seaside eyrie. Pirates raided it and killed her fellow pedants, leading her to swear vengeance on their behalf and seek the artifacts stolen from them.[1][2]


Through the magic cutlass Siren Call, she compels four unwilling pirates to her service:[1][2]


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