Age of Glory

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The Age of Glory was the time of the prophesied return of the god Aroden to Golarion. According to the Starfall Doctrine,1 it was supposed to have begun in 4606 AR, but instead of the god of humanity's return, his priests lost their divine connection and he is presumed to have perished. Instead of humans being led into a new golden age of peace and justice that Golarion hadn't witnessed since the height of ancient Azlanti, the world was plunged into decades of chaos and the Age of Lost Omens.23


The rulers of Imperial Cheliax at the end of the Age of Enthronement put great stock in the prophecies of the Starfall Doctrine, believing that Aroden would return to Golarion and lead their nation into a new era of peace and justice. Believing the Starfall Doctrine gave them a divine mandate, Chelaxians grew proud, and worked for hundreds of years to increase their wealth, power, and glory. King Gaspodar himself prepared in 4605 AR to give up the crown to the returned god. When Aroden died, it plunged Cheliax into a terrible civil war. Without their patron god to guide them, they looked elsewhere for support, and finally found it in the dark god Asmodeus.45

The Harbingers

The Harbingers are an Absalomian organization whose members believe that the Age of Lost Omens is a cosmic mistake. They attempt to re-enact the prophesies written in the Book of 1,000 Whispers (which were supposed to occur between 4604 and 4714 AR), in an effort to jump start the Age of Glory.67


Some cultists who worship the demon lord Deskari believe that the prophecies about the Age of Glory have occurred, but that they referred not to Aroden, but to their demonic patron. One thing that can't be argued, is that Aroden's death and the opening of the passage to the Outer Rifts known as the Worldwound happened very close to one another.89