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(earth, extraplanar)
Any underground (Plane of Earth)
Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 52

Agrawghs are large serpents and highly skilled burrowers, tunneling through their native Plane of Earth by chewing through the plane's raw matter and digesting it with their powerful gastric acids. Due to the metal rings encircling their bodies, the tunnels they create as they dig are very uniformly round, and they are often used as passageways by other natives of the plane.1


Agrawghs range from 15 to 20 feet long, and have bronze rings intermittently bound to their bodies and short antlers on their heads.1


According to legend, agrawghs were created by the elemental lord Sairazul in order to make the Plane of Earth more accessible by digging passages through it that other beings would be able to travel through. If this legend is true, then the agrawghs still follow largely the same purpose in the modern day. They are occasionally contracted by other beings as diggers and excavators in exchange for the agrawghs being able to travel to places they have not visited before, and multiple tunnels and caverns in the Plane of Earth were originally excavated by agrawghs. Some further speculate that the massive tunnel known as the Vent, which connects the Plane of Fire to the Plane of Water by passing directly through the Plane of Earth, was created through the collaboration of multiple agrawghs.1


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