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Runelord of Wrath (former)
Lord of Bakrakhan
(-6480 to -6266 AR)
Source: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth, pg(s). 59

Alderpash was the first runelord of wrath and one of the original seven who overthrew King Xin of Thassilon thousands of years ago. He was imprisoned by Baphomet for failing to hold up his end of a bargain: delivering Runelord Sorshen to the demon lord in exchange for mythic power. Alderpash's bargain started the practice of runelords of wrath associating with demon lords for power.1


Alderpash was the oldest of the original runelords who journeyed with Xin during his exile from Azlant to Avistan. At his height he was the strongest of the runelords, and came close to discovering the secrets of the enigmatic demiplane Jandelay, but he was constantly set back by his tendency to kill allies and followers alike, and his wrath and frustration only grew as Xanderghul and Sorshen became mythic and exceeded him.12

Alderpash tried to follow Xanderghul and Sorshen's ascension many times and never succeeded. In -6310 AR, after the rune giant Igramalash failed him, Alderpash called upon a qlippoth to transform him into the first inverted giant, but this triumph could not help him in his quest. His frustration grew, and he turned to external forces.134

In -6267 AR, Alderpash converted to the worship of Baphomet, gifted him with Igramalash (who had just betrayed him again), and promised to sacrifice Sorshen to Baphomet in exchange for mythic power. However, his plan to betray Sorshen failed, and Alderpash was imprisoned by Baphomet in the Ivory Labyrinth; Angothane succeeded him as runelord of wrath. His cell was the biggest in the prison and came with libraries and laboratories, and after spending thirty years in the prison he became a lich, but still a prisoner. He keeps himself informed of the affairs on Golarion by bribing the demodands that guard his prison.1345

In -5779 AR, Alaznist came to the Ivory Labyrinth to consult with Alderpash during her quest to become runelord of wrath. Alderpash attacked Alaznist but was defeated, and Alaznist claimed his skull as a trophy, but did not destroy his phylactery, before returning to Thassilon and taking over Alderpash's old position. When he learnt about Earthfall, he was delighted for having escaped the cataclysm, but in the following centuries his delight has faded, as he still remains a prisoner.45


Paizo published an article on Alderpash in Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth.

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