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Seltyiel, a magus skilled in evocation.
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Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 210

Evocation is one of the eight schools of magic practiced on Golarion.1 Wizards who specialize in this form of magic are known as evokers. Evocation deals with the creation and manipulation of raw magical energy, often for a destructive end.2[citation needed]

On Golarion

A spellcaster casts symbol of storms, an evocation spell.

Evokers are fascinated with the unbridled power they command, often reveling in the destruction they can wreak.3 They are often found in the company of armies or as part of a military unit, as their skills are invaluable on the battlefield.4 At the premier arcane school of Varisia, the Acadamae, evocation is the second-most popular specialization after conjuration.5

Notable evokers

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Sin magic

During the reign of the runelords of ancient Thassilon, evocation was associated with the sin of wrath, and was therefore the specialty of Alaznist, ruler of Bakrakhan.9


  1. The Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project removed game mechanics for the eight schools of magic. Player Core instead emphasizes four magical traditions, as well as the Unified Magical Theory with equivalent mechanics as the universal practice of all eight schools. Details related to this subject might remain part of the setting canon despite no longer having mechanics supported in current publications.
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