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A runelord summons the Oliphaunt of Jandelay.

The Apocalypse Archive
Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 217

Jandelay is an enigmatic demiplane of law lodged in the chaos of the Maelstrom; a museum that claims and preserves fragments of dead worlds.1


Jandelay represents the antithesis of the Maelstrom, which inevitably restores reality to homogeneous chaos. Whenever a Material Plane world comes to an end, a fragment of that world merges into Jandelay. Fragments of dead worlds are absorbed into Jandelay in rows in chronological order, so that, unless a major apocalypse claims several worlds at once, there is no relationship between adjacent fragments other than their time of destruction, and Jandelay might resemble an architectural chimaera.1


The creator, guardian, and prisoner of Jandelay is the Oliphaunt of Jandelay, a being of utter chaos and destruction standing in stark contrast to Jandelay's lawful alignment. The Oliphaunt is a physical embodiment of apocalypses, and it is compulsively drawn to these remnants of destruction from which Jandelay is made.1

Jandelay is curated by the watchers, a mysterious race of towering beings who stride its streets and tend to its needs. Jandelay's shades, called the collected, typically number one per world and are among the last casualties of the ends of each. They retain memories about their lost homes, and usually live solitary, monotonous lives in the fragments of their worlds, only interrupted by the Oliphaunt's rumbling presence which brings back a sense of panic and desperation.1

Myths on Golarion

Little is known by scholars of Golarion about Jandelay. Some think it is a mysterious person, a location, or a creature connected to the mythical Oliphaunt of Jandelay. It is thought it may be the first person to record the Oliphaunt's existence, the Oliphaunt's progenitor, or the place from which it hails. However, there is an epic poem Jandelay, inscribed at the base of the Spindlehorn, that implies that Jandelay is place of green fields and spires somewhere within the chaos of the Maelstrom, and that the Oliphaunt is Jandelay's eternal guardian.2


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