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The Porphyry City
5,000,000 demons, tieflings, and half-fiends; 1,000,000 humanoids; 500,000 others
Source: The Midnight Isles, pg(s). 70–75

Alushinyrra is the capital city of the Midnight Isles and is located at the heart of the island of Alinythia. One of the largest cities and most important trading hubs in the Abyss, it is of a scale and beauty beyond most mortal appreciation.1


Alushinyrra covers the entire surface area of an island at the middle of Alinythia. The urban sprawl is bigger than any city on Golarion, and most visitors from the Material Plane are overwhelmed by its size, as its scale is such that only creatures capable of teleportation will feel truly at home. Most buildings in Alushinyrra are built from porphyry from purple to crimson, highlighted by grey basalt and black-and-white marble. Some canals in the city flow with the waters from the River Styx, granting direct access to certain districts from other planes.1


Although the former demon lord Nocticula used to be the Midnight Isles' ruler and most powerful denizen, she never had a significant presence in Alushinyrra, preferring to spend time in her palace and relying on her steward, Shamira, to govern the city and inform her of important events that required her attention. Nocticula's recent departure from the Abyss has had minimal impact on the city, except that the risk of anarchy has never been greater.12


Demons make up the majority of Alushinyrra's population, and are relatively peaceful toward other demons but not so towards non-demons. Visitors have to be wary and vigilant of the dangers that lurk everywhere within the city. Fights often break out in its streets, and law enforcement is almost non-existent. Regardless, Alushinyrra is one of the safest places in the Abyss, and one can find allies among those who cannot be trusted.12

By Shamira's (and formerly Nocticula's) decree, Alushinyrra is open to all visitors, who are attracted by its status as one of the largest cities in the Abyss, and bring with them a great amount of trade. Slaves are Alushinyrra's primary export: those seeking new experiences or special attentions can easily buy slaves that serve as guards, food, or lovers (the three are not mutually exclusive) from the city's mistresses. The second largest market in Alushinyrra is the shipyards, followed by that of magic items, rare spells, and luxury goods.12

Ships from Malvyrea, Mephism, the Slithering Pools, and Vantian come to Alushinyrra daily, and the city's canals are thick with traffic. Thanadaemons patrol these canals—having been granted free permission to do so by Nocticula—and constantly look out to steal souls from escaped prisoners. Nonetheless, they avoid the lower sewers, which are said to connect to the Undersump and contain a den of Jubilex.1


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