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River Styx

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The River Styx.

The River Styx (pronounced STIKS)[1] is an interplanar river that originates on the plane of Abaddon, but snakes its way throughout the Outer Sphere and touches on the planes of Axis, Hell, the Abyss, and the Maelstrom,[2] before finally pooling at the base of Pharasma's Spire.[3][4]

In the Abyss

The town known as Taste of Anguish is located on a branch of the Styx in the Abyss.[4]

In Abaddon

On the plane of Abaddon, the Styx is the undisputed realm of the Horseman of Death, Charon.[5] It is also home to the vicious hydrodaemons, who lurk beneath its surface, ready to attack anyone who survives the deleterious effects of the river.[6] The surface is patrolled by thanadaemons, who pilot their skiffs and have even been known to ferry travelers across the Styx.[7]

The Styx also feeds the Plaguemere, the colossal swamps where Apollyon the Horseman of Pestilence resides.[8]

In Hell

As it winds its way through Hell, the Styx feeds the swamps of Stygia, the plane's fifth layer.[9]