Slithering Pools

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Slithering Pools
(Abyssal realm)

Littoral zone
Abyssal seashore
Source: Demons Revisited, pg(s). 12–13

The Slithering Pools is the name of the Abyssal realm that was once ruled from a coral palace by the now dead demon lord Ibdurengian, whom Aroden slew here. It was subsequently claimed by the balor lord Acizmun, the Boiling Tide, who thereafter began preparing for ascension into a nascent demon lord while avoiding the notice of other Abyssal powers.123

The Slithering Pools is a littoral realm abutting the Abyssal sea of Ishiar, complete with rock pools which give the realm its name, and miles of sandy beaches overwashed regularly by the tides of that sea.123


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