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The demonic rune of Jubilex

The Faceless Lord,
Lord of Sloth,
Demon Lord of Poison and Ooze
Areas of Concern
Drow, drug users, poisoners, slothful people
Cleric Alignments (1E)
Domains (1E)
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water
Subdomains (1E)
Catastrophe, Demon, Flotsam, Rage
Favored Weapon
Melting red eye
Sacred Animal
Sacred Colors
Green, red

Jubilex (pronounced JOOB-eh-lex),1 also known as the Faceless Lord, is a demon lord devoted to ooze monsters, poison and sloth.23


Jubilex may be found in his sewer-like Abyssal realm called the Undersump.3


Jubilex appears as a massive pile of formless green ooze that is shot with lines of jet black tar, and countless blood red eyes that stare in every direction.2 While his appearance is unique amongst oozes, it is less than distinctive and intimidating when compared to other demon lords.4


Before the advent of demons in the Outer Rifts, Jubilex was something akin to a truly mindless qlippoth lord. After the demons appeared, this proto-Jubilex started to prey on them as they moved through the Undersump, and as it did so it retained fragments of their sinful intellects. Over time, the qlippoth accumulated enough fragments of demonic personalities to form a rudimentary intellect and become a demon. When he digested a forgotten demon lord of tunnels and poison, Jubilex became a demon lord.4


Jubilex is friendly with Zevgavizeb, a fellow qlippoth who ascended to demonic divinity.5

Cult and worshipers

Jubilex shows perhaps the least interest in Golarion of all demon lords in the Outer Rifts. Dwelling in his Abyssal home of the Undersump, he pays little attention to the workings of the rest of the multiverse. Some even believe that he may be unaware that he has followers at all; although this seems unlikely, as he seems to enjoy absorbing and devouring live sacrifices his followers offer him. Many of his followers view Jubilex not as a deity to be revered, but as a potent, if dangerous, source of power that most (sane) people are too afraid to try to harvest. He is served by the omoxes2 who act as his best evangelists.3 His only fervent and organised followers can be found among the drow of House Tracinoa.2


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