Amaya Kaijitsu

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Amaya Kaijitsu
Amaya Kaijitsu.

Human (half Tian, half Chelaxian)
Bard (detective) 6
Source: A Song of Silver, pg(s). 84

Amaya Kaijitsu is a beautiful Tian woman who spends her days working as a skilled glass blower, but secretly supports the Children of Westcrown. She downplays her beauty by wearing the plain clothes appropriate to her profession. A long-time resident of Westcrown, Amaya hopes one day to travel to distant Varisia to visit her relatives who live in the city of Magnimar and the nearby town of Sandpoint.12


Born in Magnimar, Amaya is the daughter of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and a Chelish noblewoman, the result of her father's illicit affairs during his frequent visits to the city. She has only met her half-sister Ameiko Kaijitsu twice, yet is second in line to Ameiko for the throne of Minkai. She shows no signs of knowing that this is so.32


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