Amellas al-Hekbah

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Amellas al-Hekbah
Type Mercenary
Leader Janar Malakra
Headquarters Jezonna Oasis, Kelesh
Goals Protecting caravans
Scope National
Members Desert giants

Source: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen, pg(s). 70

Amellas al-Hekbah is a mercenary organization, staffed by desert giants, that provides protection to caravans traversing the Meraz Desert and the Ketz Desert in Qadira and beyond into the Padishah Empire of Kelesh.[1]


The Amellas al-Hekbah traces its origins to a community of desert giants formed around the Jezonna Oasis, in the Keleshite deserts far to the east of Qadira. These giants—roughly a dozen tribes in all—were welcoming and hospitable to travelers who reached their home, but did not provide aid or guidance once these travelers left.[1]

This changed in 4582 AR, when an army of efreet closed onto the oasis during a larger campaign through the deserts, putting it under siege for forty days and costing the giants many of their best warriors. On the forty-first day, a paladin of Sarenrae rallied the oasis' haggard defenders and led them to victory against the efreeti army, although she lost her own life in the battle. The giants, in gratitude, swore to forgo their isolationist lifestyle: rather than simply being welcoming hosts, they formed themselves into a mercenary company aimed at protecting merchants and travelers throughout the Keleshite deserts, which they named the Amellas al-Hekbah after the name of the paladin who saved them.[1]


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