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Angelic guardian

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Angelic guardian
An angelic guardian on the cover of The Golemworks Incident.
Type Construct
CR 5
Environment Any urban (Magnimar)

Source: Magnimar, City of Monuments, pg(s). 52

Angelic guardians are not true angels, but simply metallic constructs fabricated in the Golemworks of the Varisian city of Magnimar.[1]


Angelic guardians are typically built as brass sculptures of angels with steel wings. The main thing that distinguishes them from more mundane statues is the glowing halo of fire that hovers above their head.[1]

Habitat & Ecology

As constructs. angelic guardians posses no true ecology as they are forged in Magnimar's world famous Golemworks. These constructs are normally only found within Magnimar and are a sign of considerable prestige for the city's rich and powerful, and are most commonly seen in the the Summit district.[1]