Summit (Magnimar district)

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The Summit district is the wealthiest of Magnimar's districts. It contains the seat of the Magnimarian government, its renown centers of learning and arts, wealthy businesses, and a fine collection of parks and statue-lined streets. Seven of the eighteen officially recognized communities lie in the Summit.1

The Alabaster District

Once called the Stylobate, this district is home to Magnimar's richest and most elite. Separated from the lower districts by steep, marble walls, access to this district is limited to a few prominent avenues marked with long, well guarded stairs.

The Marble District

Second only to the Alabaster District in prestige, this district features stately townhouses, villas, and manors of local nobleman.


This district is home to fine artisans, with sculptors, jewelers, woodcarvers, and even crafters of magic making homes here.

The Capital District

The seat of the Magnimar government is housed is situated here, as well as the only prison in the city, known simply as "the Hells."


The old nobility refers to this district disparagingly as the "New Money District", but lovers of culture and arts flock to its many playhouses, concert halls, and art houses.


Home to the Aspis Consortium, the Vista district also keeps top-tier shops, restaurants, and businesses. The mayor, Haldmeer Grobaras, has an lavish eight story castle/mansion in this district, ostensibly to become more "intimate with his work", but wags are quick to point out its luxurious salons, lounges, and quick access to the local gold-palming, conscienceless, globe spanning merchants in the district.

Grand Arch

The biggest district in the Summit, and home to many middle class and shopkeepers, Many foreign businessmen also keep houses here. The most notable aspect of this district is the 200-ft tall colossi known as "the Guardians": the brothers Romre Vanderale and Cailyn Vanderale, facing each other with weapons held aloft, forming a gigantic arch that can be viewed from miles around.


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