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(daemon, evil, extraplanar)
Any (Abaddon)
Source: Gardens of Gallowspire, pg(s). 84

Anisydaemons, or worry daemons, are daemons who embody death by stress and anxiety.1


Anisydaemons have smooth, hairless, rubbery black skin. They are bipedal, and their limbs end in claws sharp as knives. Their only facial features are two maws: the top one constantly whispers the listener's deepest insecurities, and the bottom one snatches the souls of the victims. The average anisydaemon is 14 feet tall and weighs a ton, but those that feed on many victims can grow to truly monstrous sizes and gain additional mouths on other parts of their bodies. Despite their bulk, anisydaemons are adept contortionists.1


Anisydaemons are most often found within the slave-cities on Abaddon, where they stalk and distract mortals so they can neither foster hope nor foment rebellion. They sometimes come to the Material Plane to search for souls to devour, where the daemons could be found anywhere with a large population.1


Anisydaemons are usually solitary and view others of their kind as rivals, only working together (in groups of up to seven) when commanded by a summoner or exceptionally powerful daemon. Anisydaemons can be found working under any of the Four Horsemen: for Szuriel, facilitating paranoia between different groups so the groups decide to eliminate each other for survival; for Trelmarixian, pressing upon the wealthy's fear of starvation during lean times so they hoard food and let others starve; for Apollyon, convincing the healthy to eliminate the sick during epidemics (and, in the process, unintentionally spreading the outbreak further); and reminding mortals of their fate after death so they commit sins to lengthen their life spans, ironically drawing themselves closer to Charon.1


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