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A nightmare ridden by a Headless Horseman.
This article covers the creature. For the spell, see nightmare (spell).

Nightmares are flaming equines from Abaddon.1 They allow only evil creatures to ride them, and aid them in causing destruction.2


Powerful dullahans are associated with nightmares,2 as are daemons and the Apocalypse Riders of Abaddon. Many nightmares consider themselves to be peers of the creatures they allow to ride them, and many roam Abaddon and the planes freely.1


Nightmares have darkvision and can speak and understand the Chthonian, Daemonic, and Diabolic languages. Nightmares exhale black smoke that creates a concealing cloud and is a nauseating inhalation Poison, But it don't harm or impair the vision of the Nightmares or those who ride them.2

Nightmares are fast fliers, resistant to fire, attack with jaws and fiery hooves, and can create harmful bursts of divine unholy flames when galloping at full speed. They can travel the planes and carry their rider with them.2

In magic items

The rib bones and inner fire of a nightmare are components in Nightmare's Lament rapier pistols. Its red-flecked blade is surrounded by dark smoke wisps, which can intensify to replicate a nightmare's obscuring and noxious smoke cloud, allowing the wielder to see through it but without immunizing them from its sickening toxins when inhaled.3


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