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Cacodaemons, also known as harvester daemons, are the least powerful daemons12 and are often kept as pets by other daemons.3 They embody spite and violence and spawn as spheres of daemonic flesh bearing fins, spines, and a large toothy mouth amidst the souls that flow through Abaddon.12


Cacodaemons can consume the souls of sentient beings and digest them into soul gems, which they can either regurgitate or fully ingest; an ingested soul gem eternally damns the soul within to Abbadon and accelerates the cacodaemon's own healing.12

A cacodaemon can speak Daemonic and communicate telepathically over a limited range. They are also shapeshifters who can take the form of a lizard, octopus, or scorpion, or can turn themselves invisible. Their unholy bite can also infect beings with a disease known as cacodaemonia that forms a telepathic link to the afflicted being, allowing telepathic communication across any distance within a plane while slowly degrading their intelligence.12


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