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The Antipode, irreverently known to some as The Drain, is a whirlpool of an almost unimaginable scale, a vortex that drains the excess quintessence of the Maelstrom and siphons off the planar essence from the rest of the Great Beyond into the Maelstrom before channelling it as a column of tremendous unaligned energy back to the heart of Creation's Forge, thus beginning the great cycle anew.12 It lies at the very heart of the Maelstrom in the depths of the Cerulean Void, completely inaccessible by land.1

Damage to the Antipode would disrupt the entire cycle of the soul and bring chaos and dissolution to every corner of the Multiverse, so vast legions of aeons stand in its defense.13 As such a significant part of the stable law of all creation, the Antipode is hated by the Maelstrom's chaotic inhabitants; proteans attack it regularly in assaults that range in size from individual creatures to entire choruses.1


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