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Sailing the Maelstrom
Source: The Great Beyond, pg(s). 44

The Seawraith is the goddess Besmara's legendary pirate ship, which plows the seas of the Maelstrom. It seems to vary in size and type depending on the culture and background of those who have seen it. To some it resembles a massive war galleon bristling with weapons, while to others it appears as a sleek and fast longship or even a dhow. It is also said to trail a small armada of drags floating behind it that crawl with fierce immortal pirates. Whatever form the ship takes, it has a terror-inducing reputation stemming from its many raids across planes, including Heaven, Elysium, Hell, and Axis.12

Besmara herself takes especially cunning or brave pirates aboard the vessel to serve her in her interdimensional raids.3

In astrology

Besmara's faithful believe a constellation depicts the Seawraith in the stars over Golarion.[citation needed]


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