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Ardoc moilant

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Ardoc moilant
Type Construct
CR 10
Environment Any

Source: Runeplague, pg(s). 84

The Ardoc moilant is a popular model of intelligent, magically enhanced constructs mass produced by the Ardoc family of Kaer Maga from steel smelt with rare compounds to do heavy labour. It is designed with a squat shape to minimise collateral damage, a shovel-shaped head to push aside soil, and arms ending in rune-inscribed pincers to bore through rocks, lift cargo, and create magical shockwaves. Ardoc moilants are intelligent enough to speak, understand engineering, evaluate outcomes, and acquire distinctive quirks over time, and they often spend their free time with other constructs. The Ardocs jealously guard the secret to this intelligence: it relies on a patterning process on a human soul that is exceptionally painful and sometimes deadly. An Ardoc moilant is 25 feet tall and weighs 10 tons.[1]