Ardoc family

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Ardoc family

Government / criminal gang
Construct crafting, district administration, protection rackets
Family (blood or marriage)
Source: The Asylum Stone, pg(s). 62-63

The Ardoc family rules the Bis district of Kaer Maga with an iron fist. The males of the family, by blood or marriage, wield the family's power. They present themselves as unified to outsiders, but their internal dealings are democratic, within limits. The head of the family, Merriman Ardoc, eventually gets his way.12

Ardoc males with magical ability are given a vote in family matters. They are renowned as construct crafters. This trade built the family's wealth and power. Men without magical power and women have no vote and are deemed as lessers within the family, but still rank higher in the family's eyes than non-Ardocs. Female Ardocs of power may join other organizations within the city or stay to influence their husbands and sons.1

Those who pay for protection from the Ardocs receive dispute remediation, protection, and prosperity. Often they are seen as wandering magistrates. Those who resist them find Bis closed to them or may even be eliminated altogether. An Ardoc brother can be identified by the ornate belt chisel he carries. They are used when passing sentence on criminals by removing a number of finger joints appropriate to the crime committed.1

Prominent Ardoc family members


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