Bastion Tyrannous

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Bastion Tyrannous, also known as Armiger's Hold, is one of the three distinct castles that collectively make up the headquarters of the Hellknight Order of the Nail, Citadel Vraid, in southern Varisia.1

Two war towers, the Tower of Blades and the Tower Victus peer over the cliffs of the castle's east wall. The Tower of Blades is a heavily guarded tower in the northeastern corner of the bastion, serving as the headquarters of military operations and the residence of Mistress of Blades Maidrayne Vox. The Tower Victus in the southeastern corner of the bastion holds Citadel Vraid's armory, forge, foundry, and treasury. Barracks surround two small courtyards.1

The Keep of the Nail is a two-floor keep in the west wall where its first floor is divided into a dining hall and a common area, while the second floor functions as both a storage area and a commissary. Two watchtowers flank the bastion's barbican at the east end of the bridge, First Chasm, that connects Bastion Tyrannous with Bastion Dominus, and two watchtowers are located in the north wall.1

The entrance to the bastion's under-cellar is located in the garrison block in the north wall. The under-cellar is a warren of alcoves used by the Indentured—former slaves who agreed to buy their freedom from the Order by working as the citadel's servants.1

The Bridge of Eagles spans the wide chasm between Bastion Tyrannous and neighboring Bastion Ferox to the east. The bridge was named for Paralictor Kaan's vicious execution of Tungar Oxslayer, jothka of the now-extinct Lamokra tribe of the Shoanti Sklar-Quah and leader of the Ten-Tribe's Rebellion.1


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