Bastion Ferox

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Bastion Ferox, also known as Signifer's Keep and Bastion Feroll,[1] is one of the three distinct castles that collectively make up the headquarters of the Hellknight Order of the Nail, Citadel Vraid, in southern Varisia.[2]

Bastion Ferox is the easternmost, the smallest, and most isolated of Citadel Vraid's three castles. The Bridge of Eagles connects Bastion Ferox with the Bastion Tyrannous to the west. A huge gate in the north wall leads to the narrow pathway, between the edge of the mountain and the ramparts, that connects the three castles (called the base run).[3]

A two-story fortified keep, the Ferox Garrison is centered in Bastion Ferox's bailey. In the keep's ground floor are the barracks that house seasoned Hellknights as well as a few signifers, and on the upper floor are a huge library and an alchemist's lab. The keep is run by Paralictor Myrkrina Delfiero.[3]

The largest of Ferox's three towers is the Signis Watch which stands in the southeast corner. The upper portion of the tower is fortified with siege weapons that point in every direction, while the lower levels hold 50 cells, filled with prisoners of war. The prisoners are usually tortured or starved to death if they are not dragged to the Hellfast for use in the Order of the Nail's devil summoning rituals.[3]

The Warlock Spire is a three-story tower in the northwest corner which functions as the headquarters of the signifers and is the residence of many paralictors. It also houses an athenaeum, where signifers study the arcane arts.[3]

Bastion Ferox's Hives are a row of 20-foot-deep grate-covered trenches dug against the east wall which house the citadel's slaves. No physical route allows access into the Hives. Hellknights simply throw slaves in or pull them out using nooses, and the guards feed slaves by dumping food through the grates. Paralictor Myrkrina Delfiero oversees the Hives.[3]

Across another deep chasm, a narrow stone walkway connects Bastion Ferox with a system of four identical watch-towers, called Four Towers, on a small plateau in the south.[3]


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