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Bastion Dominus is the westernmost of the three distinct castles that collectively make up the headquarters of the Hellknight Order of the Nail, Citadel Vraid, in southern Varisia.[1]

Bastion Dominus is heavily fortified and provides the Citadel Vraid's primary entry. It consists of a barbican, a thick siege wall and four armored war towers. A pair of black stone towers, crowned with steel spikes shadow the precipitous stair that climbs to the citadel's steel gate.[2]

The siege walls create a small bailey around Lictor's Keep, and here, in Lictor's Bailey, rows of barracks line its south and north walls. These barracks are occupied mostly maralictors as the low-ranking officers and common soldiers reside at Bastion Tyrannous.[2]

The Lictor's Keep, known also as the Keep of Tyranny, is a two-story building in the center of the bastion. Its ground floor serves as the Hall of Edicts, a large court used for tribunals and formal functions. Paralictors' Keep in the east wall houses a dozen of officers and it also connects to the the heavily armored Paravicar's Tower which is the residence of Paravicar Acillmar.[2] A secret entrance to the Hellfast is hidden within the basement of Paravicar's Tower.[2]

The base run, a narrow pathway which provides an alternative passage between the Bastions, begins from Paralictors' Keep and runs across the cliff face, connecting to the northeastern tower of Bastion Tyrannous and continuing to the huge gate of Bastion Ferox.[2]

A narrow bridge, called First Chasm, spans the chasm between Bastion Dominus and Bastion Tyrannous. Small barbicans with heavy portcullises reside on either side of the bridge.[2]


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