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Titles Paralictor of the Order of the Nail
Homeland Cheliax; ultimately Varisia
Organization Order of the Nail

Source: Castles of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 25

Saem-Kyrs was the most trusted paralictor of Voltarios the Scourge, lictor of the Hellknight Order of the Nail. When Voltarios accepted Queen Domina Arabasti's offer to fund the order's new citadel in Varisia, he assigned the project to Paralictor Saem-Kyrs. At first, under Saem-Kyrs's draconian leadership, the project was executed without delays but as Saem-Kyrs was spending increasingly longer hours in the foundations of the growing fortress, he grew gradually more and more paranoid. The project started to fall behind schedule and the paralictor began to ignore his superiors. Finally, Saem-Kyrs tried to seize the castle with a loyal force of Hellknights, attempting to create a kingdom of Hellknights. Lictor Voltarios anticipated the coup, if not secretly encouraging it, and so, on the evening Saem-Kyrs declared his move, Voltarios' assassins slew him along with several dozen renegade Hellknights. After the incident, Voltarios burned all records of Saem-Kyrs, as well as the floor plans of the castle, blaming the destruction on the insurgents and ensuring Citadel Vraid's floor plans remained a secret.[1]