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Bjersig Torrsen

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Bjersig Torrsen
Bjersig Torrsen.
Titles Venture-captain
Race/Species Half-orc
Gender Male
Homeland Iceferry, Kalsgard, Thanelands, Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Organization Pathfinder Society
Animal Companion Mahki, husky dog
Companion(s) Lirall
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Source: The Jarlsblood Witch Saga, pg(s). 4–5

Bjersig Torrsen is venture-captain of the Pathfinder lodge in Kalsgard's Iceferry district, in the western Lands of the Linnorm Kings. As a half-orc who is unable to hear, he relies on his howling husky dog Mahki to serve as his ears and supplements his speech with Pathfinder hand signals.[1][2][3]


Torrsen is a tall half-orc man with black hair tied back into a ponytail and a beard braided to three points. His dog Mahki is a black and white husky who wears a harness featuring the Pathfinder Society's symbol.[1][2][4]


Lirall, a gnome Pathfinder, works with Torrsen as a greeter, assistant, and if necessary an interpreter for Torrsen.[1][2][3]


Torrsen has been deaf since birth[2] and was raised orally; despite his lack of hearing, he speaks clearly and can read lips expertly. He incorporates his deafness into his life and does not view it as a disability.[1]