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Nathan King

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Nathan King
Nathan King.jpg
Born Quincy, IL
Hometown St. Louis, MO
Position Freelance author
Wiki Contributor

Born in Quincy, IL and raised in St. Louis, MO, Nathan King was introduced to Pathfinder in early 2012 by a local Pathfinder Society Lodge in St. Louis. Enjoying the role-playing aspects and the rich lore of the Golarion universe, he started the long road to becoming a 5-star GM in May of that year. By running an adventure every 2-3 days, he was able to accomplish his goal at PaizoCon 2013, becoming the youngest 5-star GM for Pathfinder Society at the age of 21. In September of 2012, he became Venture-Lieutenant of St. Louis, MO until October of 2013 when he had to step down because of his interest in obtaining a college degree.

Nathan received his first freelance writing credit in January 2014 for Pathfinder scenario, #5-13: Weapon in the Rift. He continues to work behind-the-scenes with Paizo developers on releasing Chronicle sheets for Pathfinder Adventure Paths to be used in Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Nathan currently lives in St. Louis with his girlfriend. In his free time, he enjoys helping edit this wiki (as Sarrick) and making it a better resource for Pathfinder players around the world.

Paizo/Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Fane of Fangs 1507July 2015 PFQ3
The Deepmarket Deception 1601January 2016 PFS7-15
Valley of Veiled Flame 1410October 2014 PFS6-07
Weapon in the Rift 1401January 2014 PFS5-13
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