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Blackfire Adepts

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Blackfire Adepts
Leader Unknown
Alignment Non-good
Headquarters Scattered
Goals Research blackfire
Scope Great Beyond
Structure Loosely organized
Members Mystics, demonologists, planar travelers

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 198
See also: Blackfire Adept

In places where the borders between planes are thin or torn, reality itself burns with an ebony flame known as blackfire. Taking their name from this phenomenon, the Blackfire Adepts are a group of loosely associated arcane explorers, mystics, and demonologists.[1][2] They journey through the many planes of the Great Beyond in an effort to acquire dark powers from otherworldly entities, with an alleged goal of unraveling the multiverse itself.[3][4]


The Blackfire Adepts once held great power among the ruling Arclords of Nex, but fell from power in the last years of the Age of Enthronement.[1] They have since scattered to every corner of Golarion.[2]


Most regular members of the group clothe themselves in red robes with fiery black trim, while their leaders hide among the academic leaders of the world.[1]


They are sworn enemies of the group known as the Riftwardens, who try to oppose them at every turn.[5] Similarly, the Blackfire Adepts are opposed to the Concordance of Elements who try to repair the damage to planar boundaries that the Blackfire Adepts cause.[6]

Favored familiars

These planar travelers often select outsider familiars who share their evil tendencies. This includes cacodaemons, imps, quasits, and voidworms.[7]


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