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Blackfire is a destructive metaphysical phenomenon that occurs where the planar substrate of reality is damaged or corrupted, weakening the separation of planes, particularly between the Material Plane and evil-aligned Outer Planes. Blackfire manifests as an ebony-hued flame, and its effects are varied but generally unstable to the fabric of existence, including:[1]

  • Blackfire eruptions: Explosive vortex emissions of blackfire that destroy the metaphysical bonds of matter to existence.[1]
  • Breaching: Injections of magical energy where magic should not exist, such as within fields of anti-magic or locations where magic does or should not exist. This can include summoning creatures across planes even when magical forces would otherwise prevent it, or teleporting creatures to evil-aligned Outer Planes.[1]
  • Tainting: The weakening of bonds between a being or object and reality.[1]

Blackfire Adepts

Taking their name from this phenomenon, the Blackfire Adepts are a group of loosely associated planar explorers, mystics, and demonologists.[2][3] They journey through the many planes of the Great Beyond in an effort to acquire dark powers from otherworldly entities, with an alleged goal of unraveling the multiverse itself.[4][5] They are generally opposed by the Riftwardens, an order dedicated to preserving planar boundaries and order,[6] and the Concordance of Elements, who attempt to repair the damages they cause.