Bridge of the Gods

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The Bridge of the Gods, known by the Donguni dwarves as Taargick's Promise,1 is a true marvel of engineering. Running over a mile in a gentle arc over the Hellfallen Cliffs at a height of 500 feet, the bridge connects Cloudreaver Keep with three spires of Alkenstar City at its apex and continues to the far side of the canyon where it ends at Dongun Hold.2

The bridge was first begun by the dwarves long before the wars between Nex and Geb but got delayed many times and eventually abandoned.1 Devotees of Sarenrae and other deities restarted construction on the Bridge of the Gods in 4619 AR. In 4623 AR, the construction of the bridge was prematurely abandoned but, at least by then, it connected Alkenstar City to Dongun Hold.3


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