Tinwound Hydroplant

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Tinwound Hydroplant in Alkenstar City is a marvel of technomancy and eldritch engineering. It was built atop the ruins of a Nexian mage's tower in 4608 AR. The factory provides power to the most impressive large-scale machines of Alkenstar, such as the Screw, the elevators of Graeson's Fingers, and even the amazing research lab of visionary gnome Professor Radpole in the nearby Unburdened Tower. However the most important function of the Tinwound Hydroplant is the purification of the city's drinking water, which comes from the polluted Ustradi River. Opponents of the factory frequently warn of the unstable nature of the primal magic that the factory uses. A lot of workers have gone missing in the dark depths of the factory's clockwork labyrinth.1


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