Caligni caller

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Dark caller
Dark caller priest.jpg
Type Humanoid
(dark folk)
CR 5
Environment any underground

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 42

Dark callers normally take the position in the clan as the religious leader or shaman. They take their names from their ability to summon in the creatures referred to as owbs. The dark callers also lead the ritual of blanching, where they take a new born and expose them to the touch of the owb. The sinister touch robs the infant of all of its color and light and determines what subset of dark folk the infant will develop into.

Though less physically altered then their cousin dark folk, the dark callers are much more superstitious and cruel. These superstitions can lead to the dark callers performing additional rituals to try to determine their causes, information that gets passed to the dark stalkers to help guide the clan. Typically a clan will have one dark stalker and one dark caller paired in leadership.[1]


Dark callers tend to be very lanky in appearance, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing only a mere 100 pounds.[1]