Dark empath

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Dark empath

(dark folk)
Any underground
Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 18

Dark empaths are a subrace of psychically attuned dark folk.1


Dark empaths usually stand just under four feet tall and weigh 60 pounds. Their wrappings often appear to be looser than those of other dark folk, as if their bodies were subtly expanding and contracting.1


Dark empaths are born with the ability to meddle with and eat the emotions of others. When the emotion it consumes becomes overwhelming, a dark empath flings it out with abandon, inflicting wild emotional states on enemies and kin alike. Dark empaths comport themselves with unusual calmness, and many claim to feel no emotion at all.1

Dark empaths delight in manipulating emotions, particularly of humanoids lost underground, magnifying their fear and confusion. Some dark empaths become addicted to certain strong emotions, and go to great lengths to provoke them, which usually ends up being fairly destructive. Groups of dark empaths feed off of each other's emotions and are often prone to hysterical displays.1

When a dark empath dies, it unleashes a burst of chaotic emotion.1


As other dark folk find them unsettling, dark empaths generally migrate to the fringes of society. Dark callers and dark slayers, typically those associated with the owb, occasionally assemble dark empaths into silent cabals. These cabals are used to manipulate dark stalkers or to root out dissent against a community's owb mastermind.1